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Organized Real Estate in Québec

Québec's organized real estate industry is thriving, and built on a solid foundation. It has approximately 14,000 members – real estate brokers who belong to one of Québec's 12 real estate boards. They contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship in Québec and to the development of the province's economy.

With the expertise of its members, it is with a sense of pride and accountability that the real estate industry has made a commitment to provide first-rate service in order to achieve the ultimate goal of ensuring the public's maximum satisfaction with real estate brokerage professionals.

The real estate industry provides its members with a wide array of services in order to assist them in their daily business activities as real estate brokers. At the top of the list of services is the provincial Centris® System, which includes all real estate brokers' listings. This computerized database, the most complete and up-to-date database for real estate transactions, includes information such as a building's year of construction, the asking price, the sale price, the property value, etc. Only brokers who belong to a real estate board have access to this information.

Québec's organized real estate industry also provides technological support, as well as access to publications such as analyses, market statistics and information on legal topics. As well, it provides conciliation and arbitration services to resolve disputes regarding compensation sharing.

The organized real estate industry has grown to become an influential force and a frontline contributor for socio-economic decision-makers.